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What Do We Do? We’re House Flippers!

Helping sellers to move on from a house and helping buyers find their perfect family home makes us happy. Call us today at 603-760-7950 to see how we can help you.

Key Street Properties is a home buying and renovation company based on the NH and Massachusetts border. We specialize in buying houses from  the 15% of people who prefer to sell their house without having to list it with an agent.

Our company was started in 2018 by Phillip Hicks and Sanda Altarac. As residents of Seacoast NH, we have deep ties to the NH community as well as North Shore Massachusetts. Our company offers a valuable service to house sellers who want a fair, fast, cash offer so they can move on from a problem house.

Everyone has to win for us to succeed. We do our very best to help people in difficult house owning situations to get the relief they want with as little aggravation as possible.

Who Are We?

Phillip Hicks

Phillip has been a successful business owner in NH and Massachusetts for over 30 years. “I have always believed in treating people right by assuming positive intent on the part of the other person. This has aserved me well and helps those I do business with feel that they are being treated fairly.”

“Key Street Properties is a such a caring company and was so attentive to my needs. Sanda was patient, kind, and always answered my questions!! Thanks again for a wonderful experience! Very professional!”

OJ Marble, Medford, MA

Sanda Altarac

Sanda is from Croatia, a small country across the Adriatic Sea from Italy. Sanda has been in America for 12 years, coming to America to give her 3 daughters a chance to grow up with a better opportunity to enjoy the prosperity and freedom we have here. Sanda has worked very hard to be an American success story and you can be sure that no one will work harder to make sure you get treated fairly and honestly because that truly is the American way. “I’m so grateful for what the opportunities this country has given me and my daughters. I want to give to others to show my appreciation.”

If You Need to Sell Your House in NH and Massachusetts Fast, We Are Ready to Help. Give us a call at 603-760-7950 to see how we can help

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