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We Want to Buy Your House in NH & MA for Cash

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We Meet and Talk About Your House

We will talk about house and what your needs are. You can ask us question about us and how the process works. Let’s go over the house together to get a good idea of it’s condition. Then we get to work on your cash offer.

Cut Out the Middle Man

You work directly with us to put together a deal that works for both of us. There is no middle man, no go between, no “I have to check with my boss”. Our business depends on coming to a fair agreement between us.

How Much Is Your Cash Offer Going To Be?

Our Goal Is to Make You a Great Offer and You Say “YES”

How do we figure out how much our cash offer for your house will be? We have to consider a number of factors to determine your offer.

Terminology Definition
After Repair Value The market value of your house AFTER we renovate the house to a “highly desirable” condition.
Cost of RepairsHow much repairs will cost in to bring the house to “highly desirable” condition. All work is done by licensed professionals.
Selling and Holding CostsGuess what, it’s expensive to own a house! We pay insurance, taxes, attorney fess, permit fees, transfer taxes, closing costs, utilities and all the rest while we renovate the house. You know how that goes. Our Selling and Holding Costs are typically around 15% of the the selling price.
Profit marginWe are in business to make money, so we have to leave enough meat on the bone, so to speak, to make a profit. We typically expect to make about a 10% to profit on the selling price of the house at the end.

The Most Critical Factor

The After Repair Value is the most important factor in determining the cash offer we can make. We carefully analyze the market in your area to see what similar houses have sold for recently. In addition, we look at houses for sale or under agreement. We use sophisticated software to help predict, based on what is happening in your market, the most likely selling price for the renovated house months in advance.

Repair costs are fairly predictable and we can get work done at lower costs because we offer repeat business to contractors. Of course there are always surprises when you work on any project, but we try to account for those.

Selling and holding costs are very predictable with a fairly high degree of certainty as to cost.

Running the Numbers

Let’s say

We find a house that the owner wants to sell. We carefully analyze the local market and determine that this house will sell for $400,000 after repair (ARV). Once we meet the homeowner and do a walkthrough on the house we can then estimate the Cost of Repairs and we determine it will require $75,000 in repairs. We know our Selling and Holding Costs will be around $60,000. We know we want to make $40,000 profit on the project.

After Repair ValueCost of RepairsSelling and Holding CostsOur ProfitYour Cash Offer
$400,000– $75,000-$60,000$40,000$225,000

What If…

What if the house needs less repairs than in the example? The ARV and holding costs are still about the same, SO WE CAN OFFER YOU MORE MONEY! What if houses in the neighborhood are selling for more that they did a year ago. YOUR OFFER GOES UP AND YOU GET A HIGHER CASH OFFER!

No Lowball Offers!

As you can see we base our business on the numbers. We don’t make lowball offers to take advantage of people who don’t know as much about real estate as we do. When we make our fast and fair cash offer we will show you how we arrive at the amount so you can make a better informed decision.


Accept Our Offer and Get Ready to Close!

Here’s Why We Are a Great Option for You

We Buy “As Is”

Take what you want and leave the rest. You don’t have to clean or repair anything.

Fast and Fair Offer

You will get a fair, no obligation offer within 24 hours of our meeting.

We Pay All Cash

We don’t have to wait for the bank to approve a loan which takes weeks sometimes and isn’t a sure thing.

Choose Your Closing Date

We work on your timeline and will make sure you are not left without a roof over your head.

We do the Legwork

We handle all the paperwork and title work and closing attorneys. Of course we keep you informed every step of the way.

No Fees, No Commissions

You don’t have to pay anyone fees or expensive commissions. We handle title and standard closing costs as well.

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Sell Your House the Fast and Easy Way

No Repairs No Closing Costs No Commissions No Hassles

Whatever Your Situation, Whatever the Condition of Your House, You Will Get a Fast Fair Cash Offer From Us So You Can Put Money in Your Pocket and Move On From a Problem House.